Yousign raises 30 million euros to provide SMBs with a European alternative to its American counterparts

French scale-up Yousign announces a 30 million euros Series A round led by Lead Edge Capital (Asana, BlaBlaCar, Wise). eFounders, the startup studio behind Aircall, Front and Spendesk, and long-time partner of Yousign also participates in this round. At a time where companies are poised for further digitalisation, Yousign will use these new funds to become the European alternative to American giants (Docusign, Adobe) and the leading e-signature provider for SMBs.

Servicing the needs of SMBs

The health crisis has thrust companies into digitalisation. As a result, the e-signature market has quickly grown and two segments have emerged: larger companies that are already digitised and have increasingly complex needs, and SMBs who are looking for instant solutions to their more straightforward needs.

Yousign has developed an e-signature solution that is entirely geared towards the needs of SMBs, which represent over 90% of the market.

Faced with American giants with large scopes and complex products, we have built a solution that is accessible and easy to use, allowing SMBs to sign their first documents within the hour, and not a month.

Luc Pallavidino, CEO of Yousign

Building a European champion

As the French government relaunches sovereign cloud projects, the ambition to create European champions to compete with American players is more than relevant today.

Contract management is a highly strategic sector and protecting document data must be of the highest priority for European institutions and economic players.

Europe has put in place a strong legal framework for data protection, with GDPR for data management and eIDAS for digital identification. It is now time to support European companies so that their data can remain at the European level.

Luc Pallavidino

Clear vision and goals

The e-signature market will grow 25% per year until 2030 and is set to be a 10 billion euros market by then. “There are significant tailwinds in the electronic signature market today,” says Lead Edge Capital Partner Brian Neider.

Amidst this backdrop and with the new round of fundraising, Yousign aims to equip 50,000 European SMBs with its e-signature solution by 2024 and reach an annual recurring revenue of at least 70 million euros.

We have been incredibly impressed with Yousign’s platform and functionality. We believe Yousign is becoming the default e-signature platform for SMBs in Europe.

Brian Neider, Lead Edge Capital Partner

Founded in 2013 by Antoine Louiset and Luc Pallavidino, Yousign grew 200% in 2020 and went from 35 to 120 employees. Yousign plans on hiring 150 additional people in the next 18 months to strengthen its team across all departments.

The e-signature enables companies to go much further in terms of digitalisation. The business processes that hadn’t yet been digitised because signing still required to physically meet will now be done online. We are excited to support Yousign in making this vision a reality and to help SMBs digitalise not only the signature, but the company as a whole.

Thibaud Elzière, cofounder of eFounders 
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About Yousign

Yousign is a leading European SaaS player in the e-signature space, mainly active in France, Germany, and Italy. Having anticipated the shift towards paperless long before any European competitors, Yousign helps thousands of sales, purchasing, HR, legal, IT teams to digitalise and automate their contract processes.

Yousign seeks to support SMBs of various sectors through its easy-to-use electronic signature application. It also features a powerful API that is easy to integrate and facilitates adoption by smaller companies. The e-signature company aims to expand its product further up the value chain into document automation, approval management, and additional workflows.

Founded in 2013 by Luc Pallavidino and Antoine Louiset, Yousign has more than 12 000 customers, 3M+ monthly signers, 200+ employees, growing at a x2 rate YoY, making it the most performing e-signature scale-up in Europe.


Yousign est un acteur européen majeur du SaaS spécialisé dans les solutions de signature électronique et présent principalement en France, Allemagne et Italie. Pionnier de la dématérialisation des entreprises, Yousign aide des milliers d'équipes commerciales, de services achats, de RH, de juristes et de DSI à numériser et automatiser leurs processus contractuels.

Yousign accompagne des PME de tous secteurs grâce à son application de signature électronique simple d'usage. La société dispose également d'une puissante API, facile à intégrer, et qui simplifie l'adoption de la signature électronique par les petites entreprises. Elle souhaite désormais étendre le spectre de ses activités plus haut dans la chaîne de valeur au travers de l'automatisation de la gestion des documents et des parcours de validation.

Fondée en 2013 par Luc Pallavidino et Antoine Louiset, Yousign compte plus de 12 000 clients et plus de 3M de signataires mensuels ainsi qu'une équipe de plus de 200 employés. Son activité est multipliée par 2 chaque année, ce qui en fait la scale-up de signature électronique la plus performante en Europe.